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Gratuity pay for JO and contractual government workers is approved by Duterte.

Under an administrative order (AO) signed by President Rodrigo Duterte, government personnel under a contract of service (COS) and job order (JO) plan would get a one-time gratuity compensation.

COS and JO workers who have delivered at least four months of real good execution of services as defined in their respective contracts as of Dec. 15, 2021, are eligible for a one-time gratuity pay of PHP5,000, according to AO No. 46, which was signed by Duterte on Wednesday.

COS and JO personnel who have worked “three months or more but less than four months” will receive PHP4,000 in gratuity pay, PHP3,000 for workers who have worked “two months or more but less than three months,” and PHP2,000 for workers who have worked “less than two months.”

Because COS and JO personnel have no employer-employee connection with the government, they are not eligible for benefits such as Personnel Economic Relief Assistance, Mid-Year and Year-End Bonuses, and Performance-Based Bonuses.

“Giving COS and JO staff a year-end gratuity pay is a well-deserved appreciation of their hard work in implementing programs, projects, and activities, particularly those that are part of the government’s emergency Covid-19 response operations,” the AO stated.

Actual service refers to services provided on-site or when COS and JO employees physically report to their assigned workstations.

COS and JO workers who are offsite during a community quarantine/alert level or who work from home may be deemed actual service, depending on the agency head’s opinion and the availability of money.

Workers whose services are directly engaged by national government agencies (NGAs), state universities and colleges (SUCs), government-owned or controlled businesses (GOCCs), and local water districts through COS and JO are covered by the AO (LWDs).

COS and JO workers in NGAs and SUCs will be paid from their respective maintenance and other operating costs (MOOE) allotments for the same program, activity, or project (P/A/P), however agencies may change the allotment provided within a P/A/P if there is a shortfall.

GOCCs and LWDs, on the other hand, will get funds from their respective approved corporate operational budgets.

COS and JO are used to involve local government units (LGUs), leveraging appropriate and available financing sources from their respective local government coffers.

Supplemental recommendations will be issued by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) for the proper implementation of this AO.

Earlier, Duterte signed AO No. 45, providing all qualified government employees a one-time service recognition incentive (SRI) of PHP10,000.

Employees who have worked for the government for less than four months will receive a 40% pro-rated part of the SRI, while those who have worked for less than three months would receive a 30% pro-rated share of the incentive.

Those who work for the government for less than two months and one month will receive 20% and 10% of the pro-rated share of the monetary incentive, respectively.

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