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From January through November, 3,143 foreigners were deported, according to the Bureau of Immigration.

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has deported 3,143 immigrants so far this year.

According to the most recent data as of Wednesday, 3,142 people were deported from January to November this year, according to BI’s Deportation and Implementation Unit (DIU) chief, lawyer Andrew Siriban.

The majority of the illegal aliens deported, 2,875, were Chinese, according to Siriban.

There are also 90 Koreans, 81 Vietnamese, 27 Japanese, and 19 Americans on the list.

According to a BI official, 3,219 immigrants were deported in 2020, many of whom were apprehended for being fugitives from justice, unwanted, or overstaying their visas.

Commissioner Jaime Morente, on the other hand, stated that they will continue to deport individuals who have broken the Philippine Immigration Act.

“The pandemic will not prevent us from ridding our country of illegal aliens. Foreigners who flagrantly break our laws will be deported and placed on a blacklist, he added.

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