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The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) assists Iloilo MSMEs in increasing output and quality.

CITY OF ILOILO – Through its Shared Service Facilities (SSF) program, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) continues to assist micro, small, and medium companies (MSMEs) in Iloilo.

In an interview on Wednesday, DTI Iloilo Director Felisa Judith Degala said SSF, the department’s flagship project, aims to bridge the gap in types of machinery needed by MSMEs to boost quality and efficiency while also improving packaging and labeling.

“The goal of SSF is to first supply tools, machines, and equipment to our MSMEs who will be using our facilities to help them enhance the quality, packaging, and labeling of their products.” “We established the SSF in crucial places where the project can assist a large number of MSMEs,” she explained.

DTI plans to put three of the four authorized SSF projects in Iloilo, with a total cost of about PHP5.5 million, into operation in the first semester of 2022.

Degala said the regional inspection team has already checked the tools and equipment for the SSF on herbal processing and toll packaging center by the San Dionisio Iloilo Herbal Growers Economic Enterprise Association Inc (SaNdighheeia) in Barangay Bondulan, San Dionisio, and they are just waiting for the recommendation on whether or not they can already turn the project over.

They’re also waiting for tools and equipment to be sent to the food processing and toll packaging plant in Concepcion, as well as the milk and dairy products processing center at the Philippine Carabao Center in Calinog. Degala explained.

The DTI has yet to buy the tools for the Igbaras municipality’s coffee post-harvest facility.

“With the exception of the Igbaras coffee processing, which we have yet to buy,” she explained, “the rest should be delivered this first quarter and operationalized by the first semester of 2022.”

Degala went on to say that the cooperator is crucial to the SSF’s operationalization since it will host and administer the SSF’s operations, while the MSMEs will be the end-users.

When MSMEs utilize the facilities to help sustain the SSF, they will just have to pay a little fee.

Academic institutions like state universities and colleges (SUCs), National Government Agencies (NGAs), local government units, non-government, and people’s organizations are all eligible to become cooperators.

Degala stated that there are still beneficiaries waiting to benefit from the project, but they are unable to commit at this time owing to funding constraints.

Last year, they also released SSF projects to three agrarian reform communities (ARCs) in the municipality of San Dionisio: bread and pastry production for the San Julian Multipurpose Cooperative in Barangay San Julian, Badiangan; enhancement of bricks and pottery production in Capisan ARC in Barangay Capinang; and seaweeds processing in Barangay Tiabas.

She went on to say that the bread and pastry production helped the cooperative a lot throughout the pandemic.

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