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POEA reminds OFWs to follow their contract duties.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) advised overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) on Thursday to respect their employment agreements.

Administrator Bernard Olalia stated in advice that it is critical for Filipinos working abroad to adhere to the obligations, terms, and conditions of their employment contracts.

They must also follow the labor rules of their host countries, he stressed.

After receiving reports from the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Milan, Italy, on an increasing number of Filipino employees fleeing their employers in Romania, Olalia made the remark.

According to reports, the practice is growing more common among household service workers (HSWs) who quit one employer and switch to another without first settling any outstanding concerns with their previous employer and the overseas recruiter.

According to Romanian law, an employee’s termination of employment does not require a legal reason and must take the form of a formal resignation.

Employees in non-management positions must tell their employer of their intention to resign within 20 working days, while managers must notify their company within 45 days.

In the event of a dismissal, the employer must provide at least 20 working days’ notice. During this time, the employee is entitled to his or her wage as well as any other statutory rights.

The POEA does not offer statistics on how many HSWs left their companies.

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