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CDO is being praised for its 88 percent Covid-19 vaccination rate.

CITY OF CAGAYAN DE ORO – The National Vaccine Operations Center (NVOC) has praised the city’s coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccination output, according to the City Health Office (CHO).

CHO medical officer Dr. Ted Yu Jr. said in an online briefing on Thursday that the NVOC recognized the city for being the only local government unit (LGU) in Northern Mindanao (Region 10) to attain a vaccination rate of over 80%.

“Earlier, Sec. Dizon of the National Vaccination Operations Center in Manila complimented us on being the only (LGU) in Region 10 to have a vaccination rate of above 80%. (vaccination rate). Again, we’d want to express our gratitude to our immunization team for their efforts “Yu remarked.

According to CHO data as of February 23, the city had 531,789 completely vaccinated people or 88.64 percent of the overall target population of 599,929.

Among those who have been fully vaccinated, 97,696 have had their booster doses and 24,567 have received their first dosage.

After the city’s Covid-19 immunization team vaccinated 541 youngsters yesterday, February 23, the city authorities registered 6,098 children aged five to eleven years old who had gotten their first dose of vaccine.

“Even with this figure of 92.73 percent (total first dose), unvaccinated individuals continue to die, thus this is a significant issue for our people. Hopefully, we will all get inoculated “Yu remarked.

According to CHO data, around 7% of the target population has not yet been vaccinated.

A new batch of Omicron cases has arrived.

The CHO also announced the discovery of the city’s third group of Omicron variant cases.

The fresh sample includes five Omicron cases, two males and three females, four local cases, and one re-tagged case, according to Yu.

The one re-tagged case is a non-city resident who is an authorized person outside of residence (APOR), but the four local cases are Pagatpat, Patag, Bonbon, and Dansolihon locals.

The specimen samples from the five cases were taken between January 18 and 24, according to Yu. The Philippine Genome Center announced the results on February 21, and the CHO got them on February 23.

According to him, 14 closed contacts have been documented from the new five Omicron cases, and the CHO has collaborated with Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams for monitoring influenza-like sickness and acute respiratory infection.

He further stated that the five instances were clinically recovered and that no hospitalization was required because the bulk of the cases was minor.

In Cagayan de Oro, the city government has registered 44 Omicron variations, of which five have been re-tagged and only 39 have been tagged.

The local administration had previously reported the first batch of seven cases on February 2 and the second group of 32 cases on February 15.

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