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The majority of Pinoy e-shoppers start by reading reviews: report

MANILA, Philippines — According to research by technology-based logistics startup Ninja Van in collaboration with DPDgroup, the majority of Filipino internet buyers read product reviews first to help them decide on their online purchases.

According to the E-Commerce Southeast Asia Barometer Report 2021, the Philippines and Vietnam have the largest percentage of respondents who indicate they chose websites based on social media influencer recommendations, at 87 percent and 81 percent, respectively.

The research also refers to social media influencers as “new shops,” as they have a significant impact on the purchasing decisions of their followers.

“Online buyers rely largely on online reviews to aid in buying decision-making, and it’s a two-way street,” Ninja Van Philippines said in a statement on Friday.

E-shoppers also share their reviews of acquired products with their family and friends, or publish their feedback on e-commerce platforms, because Filipinos respect online reviews.

“Feedback is a sort of money that cannot be underestimated in a hyper-social environment,” according to the survey, “since more than half of e-shoppers (in Southeast Asia) are likely to discuss their purchases via websites or apps.”

Filipino internet buyers understand the value of product reviews because they understand how difficult it is to return damaged or incorrectly ordered items.

According to the survey, Filipino e-shoppers face the biggest challenges in terms of product returns among Southeast Asian countries, followed by Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

A large number of Filipino e-shoppers believe that knowing the delivery provider is vital because it gives them confidence in the quality of service they will receive in delivering their products.

“At Ninja Van Philippines, we’re always on the lookout for new methods to improve our operations and client service. In an e-mail, Ninja Van Philippines chief operating officer Vin Perez said, “The country’s e-commerce development has pushed us to adapt to the shifting demands and preferences of our shippers and buyers when it comes to delivery services and other logistics needs.”

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