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DHSUD is preparing to hand over programs to the new administrator.

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) is preparing to hand over numerous housing projects and programs to the next administration smoothly.

In Clark, Pampanga, a four-day session for officials and concerned staff began Monday to assess the department’s performance and align priorities for the coming years.

The workshop, according to DHSUD, intends to address important accomplishments from prior years based on key outcomes areas, gaps, and issues identified in previous operations.

It intends to utilize the findings as a guide to improving its current housing policies and plans.

According to a social media update, “With the approaching transition in government administration, the workshop will also serve as a venue to discuss actions for sustainability as envisioned in existing national plans and sectoral frameworks, particularly the Philippine Development Plan and the National Housing and Urban Development Sector Plan 2040.”

The National Housing and Urban Development Sector Plan is a 20-year blueprint for “better, greener, and smarter human settlements and urban systems,” with flagship projects aimed at creating spaces, transforming spaces into communities, making communities accessible and affordable, and empowering communities.

The roadmap, which includes short, medium, and long-term initiatives, will offer continuity of housing programs for the next three administrations, according to DHSUD Secretary Eduardo del Rosario.

The first day of the workshop focused on the importance of developing realistic frameworks to guide policy formulation, regulation, coordination, and program creation in the housing sector, as well as their final implementation.

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