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Isko claims that if he wins, there will be no political wrangling.

MANILA – If Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso, the standard-bearer of the Aksyon Demokratiko, wins the presidential elections on May 9, there will be no squabbling with political opponents.

Domagoso further stated that he and his partners will get to work right away to ensure that their promise to the electorate is kept.

“Kaya, mga kababayan, samahan nyo ako, I will give you peace of mind.” Walang higantihan, walang bawian, walang gone. Keep your attention on the problem. Ang tatrabahuhin namin ni Doc Willie (Ong), ang tatrabahuhin namin ni Carl Balita, John Castriciones, Samira Gutoc, and Jopet Sison, magkaroon tayo ng murang bilihin, murang kuryente, murang gasolina, bahay, eskwelahang maayos, ospital There will be no fighting, no retaliation, and no retaliation. We’ll concentrate on the country’s issues. If Doc Willie [Ong] wins, we will work with Carl Balita, John Castriciones, Samira Gutoc, and Jopet Sison to provide cheaper goods for our countrymen, as well as cheap electricity, more affordable gasoline, good schools and hospitals, and the basic needs of our people. We will also focus on providing more jobs for our fellow Filipinos),” he added in a statement late Monday.

With only a few days until the May 9 elections, Domagoso stated he will do everything he can to consolidate and mobilize his supporters, then leave the rest to God’s will for whatever fate the Almighty has in store for him.

In a previous interview, the 47-year-old Manila mayor stated that he is determined to compete until the very last minute of the campaign period, if only to show the public that if given the chance, he can provide peace of mind and a better future.

Domagoso stated his faith in God has supported and directed him throughout his life, from his humble beginnings as a “basurero” to being a father to his family and the father of the Philippine capital throughout his 24 years of public service.

The presidential candidate went on to say that his confidence in God, as well as his faith in the Filipino people’s indomitable spirit, keeps him going as he battles for the welfare of all Filipinos.

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