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PRRD advises voters to get booster shots before the May 9 election.

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte is urging Filipinos to get a booster vaccination against the coronavirus disease 2019 before voting in the national and local elections on May 9. (Covid-19).

The decision was taken by Duterte, who reiterated that the Covid-19 is still a concern to public health.

Duterte said the booster shot will provide additional protection against coronavirus in his pre-recorded Talk to the People, which aired Tuesday morning.

“‘Yung booster injections ninyo,’ says the narrator. Because it’s election season, it’s still available at (and) anyone can have it. There will be a large gathering of people, and it would be beneficial to have the booster injections before going out and mixing with the throng “he stated

Filipinos who have received Covid-19 booster shots, according to Duterte, do not need to be concerned when voting on May 9 because they are already protected against the terrible disease.

“Hindi ka masakitin (You will not get sick),” he stated. “It (the booster shot) can safeguard you, and you can vote without fear of contracting an infection again.”

Don’t become too comfortable.

According to the country’s vaccine tracker, which was handed to Duterte by National Task Force Against Covid-19 chief implementer and vaccine czar Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr. on Monday, a total of 146,869,397 Covid-19 vaccine doses had already been delivered nationwide.

Galvez estimates that 67,911,464 people have been fully immunized.

Galvez further stated that the third dose of the vaccine has been administered to 13,231,643 people, while the fourth dose has been administered to 7,430 people.

While the threat from Covid-19 is no longer as “severe,” Duterte warned that the people should be vigilant.

“We’re still in the Covid-19. Complacency is the adversary of itong (this) when it comes to preventing or allowing the Covid-19 to return. Sabagay (Perhaps) it would not be as terrible as before since bakunado na tayo at least tayong lahat (because virtually everyone is vaccinated) “he stated

Duterte stated that he would not force unvaccinated Filipinos to get vaccinated, but warned that if they contracted the disease, they would face serious illness and death.

“Kung bakit niyo niyo niyo niyo niyo niyo Talagang mamamatay man kayo ng mga hindi magpabakuna. Iyan iyan iyan iyan iyan iyan I (Do you know why?) Paattend attend ka diyan sa mga rally, dikit-dikit. Those who have not been immunized will perish. That’s for sure, especially if you’re going to a crowded campaign rally) “he stated

The country reported roughly 1,373 new Covid-19 cases from April 26 to May 2, which is lower than the 1,509 coronavirus infections reported last week.

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