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Support from the MNLF is critical for peace and development in Mindanao: Sara

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The Moro National Liberation Front’s (MNLF) endorsement is critical to the UniTeam’s goal of bringing peace and development to Mindanao and the rest of the country, according to Mayor Sara Z. Duterte.

The vice-presidential candidate thanked the MNLF for supporting her campaign as well as his running mate presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in a statement.

In Zamboanga City on April 25, Albakil ‘Thong’ Jikiri, the current MNLF national vice chairman for military affairs, issued the group’s official statement urging supporters to support the tandem and the other candidates under Uniteam.

“Jikiri expressed their faith in my and Mr. Marcos’ knowledge and sincerity,” Duterte remarked.

The MNLF’s support for the UniTeam, she added, will be a “strong foundation” in their efforts to maintain peace and development, as well as “equality of rights and opportunities for the Moro community.”

“As a Mindanawon, I would always preserve and promote Mindanao’s and its people’s interests, knowing the importance of Mindanao in the country’s growth,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Muslimin Sema, the MNLF’s central committee chairman, has endorsed the presidential daughter’s candidacy for vice president in the upcoming May 9 elections.

They have asked all of their families, members, and field commanders to vote for Duterte, according to Sema.

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