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The BFAR warns the public about eating stale seafood.

BAYAMBANG, Pangasinan — Following a reported food illness incident, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Ilocos regional office (BFAR-1) has issued a warning to the public not to consume stale fish.

BFAR Ilocos regional director Rosario Segundina Gaerlan outlined the qualities of fresh, quality, and safe-to-eat fish products in a Monday alert.

“Fish should have a fresh, light aroma, not one that smells fishy, acidic, or ammonia-like. Their eyes are bright, moist, and clear. Gills are odorless, clean, and red in color. The fins are moist and complete. The flesh is solid and in good condition. She said there were no protruding internal organs or flesh wounds.

When not immediately cooked or consumed, fish must be well cleaned, properly iced, and stored chilled or frozen.

“The general public is reminded to exercise caution while purchasing fish and other fishing goods or products,” she stated.

According to Gaerlan, BFAR will continue to increase its surveillance and control of the transport or movement of fish and fisheries products for traceability and food safety purposes, in collaboration with the local government unit.

The warning was issued after inhabitants of Barangay Inirangan and Beleng in this town were reported to have contracted food illness after consuming stale seafood.

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