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Environmental protection is bolstered by the Negros Occidental advocacy center.

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines – The provincial administration of Negros Occidental has expanded its campaign to safeguard the province’s natural resources by establishing the Provincial Education and Advocacy Center for Environment, or PEACE.

As of Tuesday, the Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO), which is in charge of the center, has formed a network of at least 22 environmental partners that work together harmoniously to achieve environmental sustainability based on their different mandates.

PEMO’s leader, lawyer Julie Ann Bedrio, welcomed groups interested in participating in the conservation, protection, and rehabilitation (CPR) campaign and joining the center to contact their office.

She remarked, “Let us all be a part of the CPR campaign.”

Government organizations, non-government organizations, local government units (LGUs), inter-LGU alliances, people’s organizations, the academe, business, and religious sectors are among the partners in the provincial government’s environmental campaign.

“The PEACE is designed to act as the core of the network of environmental partners to integrate the efforts, ideas, and innovations of the partners,” the PEMO stated in a statement.

The center will use a variety of platforms to raise environmental awareness, including education, forums, discussions, social marketing, summits, and conferences, as well as promote environmentally friendly approaches like the Integrated Ecosystems Approach to Environmental Management, Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management, Integrated Coastal Management, and the Provincial Natural Resources Management Framework of Negros Occidental.

It will also encourage environmental advocacy, environmental justice, environmental positive activism, such as the use of art, music, humor, and hope and inspiration tales, climate reality campaigns, and volunteerism.

“The ultimate purpose of PEACE is to bring together the efforts of specialists and environmental activists in a peaceful manner to develop harmonized agreements and action points,” it stated.

Republic Act 9512, or “An Act to Promote Environmental Awareness via Environmental Education and for Other Purposes,” is also grounded and consistent with the mission.

The partner organizations prepared a manifesto for the “No Plastic Campaign” during the first PEACE conference, which took place on April 29 as part of the province’s World Earth Day and “Galing Pook” Photo Exhibit activities.

PEACE summits or conferences will be held twice a year, according to the PEMO.

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