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If elected, Roque wants to be a member of the blue ribbon committee.

MANILA – Senatorial candidate Harry Roque of the UniTeam said lawmakers should not utilize the Senate blue ribbon committee “in aid of vengeance or obstruction” simply because they dislike the president.

Roque wants to be a member of the blue ribbon committee to combat government corruption if he is elected to the Senate. He stated that the committee should not be used as a forum for senators to smear each other.

“If you’ve been elected to the legislature, perform your job. Every probe should result in a bill being submitted. Otherwise, you are squandering public dollars “In a statement released on Tuesday, he stated.

Senators appeal to public opinion anytime they probe a corruption case, according to Roque, making the people the ultimate “fiscalizer.”

“Don’t exploit an investigation, like the one into the purported Pharmally scam, to hinder government service because you despise President Duterte and his administration,” he added. “Most essential, do not use public funds for political vendetta or reelection campaigning.”

Roque has already slammed the blue ribbon committee’s draft report on the tumultuous deal between Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation and the government during the pandemic’s height.

According to him, the study failed to propose any relevant legislation and failed to construct a compelling graft case against those allegedly involved in the matter.

“Let us also look into the public funds spent by the Senate on the Pharmally case’s several hearings,” Roque remarked. “The senators in charge of the probe, in my opinion, should also reimburse the government. The Senate, after all, receives a lump-sum budget, unlike the other branches or offices.”

Roque uncovered corruption in multiple parliamentary investigations before becoming a politician and presidential spokesman. The fertilizer fund fraud in 2005, the swine scam in 2008, and the corruption at the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) in 2019 were among them.

Roque claimed he also testified in court on the asylum plea of a former agriculture undersecretary in the United States, citing the fertilizer scheme.

In a probe undertaken by the blue ribbon group, Roque would like to use his experience as a debater, moot court mentor, and participant in multiple oral arguments before the Supreme Court.

“It is a privilege for any lawyer, including myself, to argue matters before the Supreme Court and win some of them. I’d use my legal and legislative expertise to prosecute corrupt public officials and civil servants “he stated

As a former lawmaker in the 17th Congress, Roque pledged to strive for improved delivery of Universal Health Care for all Filipinos, which he mostly supported. He wants to replace PhilHealth, which is rife with corruption, with a National Health Service to carry out the healthcare law.

He plans to introduce legislation requiring the government to achieve “zero hunger” by 2028, the right to drinkable water within six years, employment creation for pandemic-affected workers, and livelihood rehabilitation for typhoon Odette victims.

Roque would also seek reforms to the justice system, such as a three-day court hearing norm and a Victims Compensation Fund for murder victims.

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