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Duterte is unconcerned by the threat of retaliation from drug cartels.

MANILA, Philippines — On Tuesday, President Rodrigo R. Duterte dismissed the possibility of reprisal from drug cartels once he leaves office in June 2022.

Duterte made the remarks during a campaign event for his ruling party, the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban), in Cainta, Rizal, when he admitted that his anti-narcotics campaign had brought him nothing but hate.

“However, what is the nature of my nakuha? I’m a pababa. What is the name of the mabaon ko? Please inform me. ‘ Galit. Yung gustong gumanti yung gustong gumanti yung gustong gumanti y Sige, kayo ang hintayin ko. I don’t have any makuha. What did I gain [from the drug war]? Ginawa ko lahat iyan para sa bayan (What did I get [from the drug war]? I’m going to resign. What will I get out of it? Hatred. They are out for vengeance. I’ll be ready when they arrive. Nothing will be gained by me. This is something I’m doing for the country), “he stated

Duterte, unfazed by the threat to his life at the end of his tenure, insisted that his drug war will continue unabated until his final days in power.

He added he would be “happy” to accept if he was imprisoned because of drug-related deaths, reiterating his warning that drug criminals who resist arrest and threaten violence will be killed.

“Ito ang Pilipinas, then sisirain mo. ‘Yung iba ayaw magsabi, ‘P** I mo, patayin kita,’ yung iba ayaw magsabi, ‘P** I mo, patayin kita.’ Pumasok kayo sa droga at magkahulihan tayo, patay kayo, ako sinasabi ko sa inyo. (You’re ruining the Philippines.) Marami naman, maluwang naman ang cemetery ninyo dito (You’re destroying the Philippines.) That is not going to happen. Some people refuse to say, “Son of a b****, I’m going to murder you.” But I’m stating that if you’re involved in illicit narcotics and are arrested, you’re going to die. The graveyard here is quite large), “According to Duterte.

It’s not easy to witness drug dealers being executed.

Duterte, on the other hand, stated that news of drug lords evading arrest being slain while anti-drug operations are being carried out make him uneasy.

He went on to say that he only started the anti-narcotics campaign to safeguard Filipinos from the scourge of illegal drugs.

“What will I get, eto totoo (The truth is, what will I get)? Satisfaction? Why? Do you believe it is simple to murder a person? Do you think it’ll be easy, Ganoon kadali?” According to Duterte.

He couldn’t stand it when families with drug addicts were “dysfunctional,” he claimed.

He then reaffirmed his plea on smugglers to stop bringing illegal substances into the country.

“Ang galit ako sa droga. Ang huwag kayong pumasok na ito. Human rights, ngayon, nakikinig man. If it’s ayaw mo, it’s ayaw mo itong pangyayaring ito. Drop, bitawan mo ang droga (I despise drugs a lot.) Do not engage in drug use. Now, if human rights defenders are listening, [syndicates] must stop using drugs if you don’t want this [death] to happen “he stated

According to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency’s Real Numbers revealed over the weekend, about 14,888 high-value targets have been captured in the country since the anti-narcotics campaign began in July 2016.

A total of 336,796 people have been detained, and 6,241 drug suspects have died as a result of 233,356 anti-drug operations around the country.

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