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The ‘Switch to Isko’ campaign is currently in full swing, according to Aksyon Demokratiko.

MANILA, Philippines — On Wednesday, a high-ranking Aksyon Demokratiko official claimed that the party, along with the Alliance for Isko Movement (AIM), has gone all out with its “Switch to Isko” media blitz to gather more support for its standard bearer and presidential candidate Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso.

The endeavor, according to lawyer Bobbit Roco, son of the late senator and party founder Raul Roco, is part of their push to raise public knowledge of Domagoso’s qualities and track record, which makes him the most qualified of the presidential candidates.

“Si Isko is the only one who follows the ideas of Aksyon Demokratiko – honest governance, equal chance for everyone, no special privileges for anyone, pag babantayan natin yung mga (and based on) people, productivity, and wealth.” Then, of course, there’s huwag nating kakalimutan ang (and, of course, don’t forget about) ecology and education. “Lahat yan ginagawa ni Isko (Isko did everything),” he continued. “I don’t believe any other contender can say the same thing.”

Their mission, according to Roco, is to raise awareness about their standard-bearer through various media outlets.

To raise awareness, part of the “Switch to Isko” campaign approach is to showcase Domagoso’s accomplishments as Manila’s first-term mayor, despite the hurdles posed by the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.

Domagoso’s solution-based attitude and quick action in the face of adversity, according to Aksyon Demokratiko national head Ernest Ramel, makes him the leader the country needs in these hard times.

“Bakit kailangan kailangan kailangan kailangan kailangan kailangan kailangan kailang Siya din ang may napatunayan at pruweba na, dahil siya lamang ang bukod sa alam at nararanasan ang mga nararanasan ng milyun-milyong Pilipino araw-araw. Pinapangako ng lahat, Mayor Isko nagawa na — may pandemiya pa ito (why is it necessary to change to Isko? Because he is the only one who is aware of the daily struggles that millions of Filipinos face. Others are simply offering solutions to problems; Mayor Isko has already offered solutions, despite the fact that the pandemic is still ongoing),” he stated.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the City Government of Manila, led by Domagoso, built modern public hospitals, such as the Bagong Ospital ng Maynila; modern public school buildings, such as the New Manila Science High School; and modern housing for informal settlers, such as Tondominium, Binondominium, and Basecommunity, all of which provided jobs and livelihood opportunities at a time when the people most needed them.

Moreno’s large cleaning and beautification campaign, creative mass immunization program, free Covid-19 testing and prescriptions, and other social aid programs, among other things, were noted by Ramel.

In addition to the media campaign, the “Switch to Isko” includes two “Bus ni Isko” and 204 registered vehicles that travel around the country distributing campaign collateral, house-to-house activities, and city caravans to build awareness and deepen Domagoso’s campaign.

Roco claimed that their “Switch to Isko” campaign has been a huge success, with the most recent edition bringing him and other AIM officials to Bacolod, Iloilo, Baguio, and Pangasinan in recent days.

He went on to say that their public awareness campaign, combined with Domagoso’s visits to out-of-the-way locations and seldom-visited municipalities, had persuaded a sizable portion of the silent majority to vote for Mayor Isko, whom they regard as one of their own.

In an event aptly labeled “The Biggest Switch” held at the Great Eastern Hotel in Quezon City, over 50 volunteer groups and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) largely from Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s camp switched their support to the Aksyon Demokratiko standard bearer.

Overall, the organizations represented at the event have more than 10 million members across the country.

Roco claimed that the number of supporters who switched to Domagoso outweighed the few deserters who abandoned the campaign, which he claimed had been exaggerated by the media.

He advised voters to be more selective in their voting, and to vote for someone who can truly deliver a better Philippines than the one that exists now.

“We’re approaching the eleventh hour of the campaign, malapit ng mag-12 (it’s getting close to the 12th), and everyone is encouraged to get out and campaign for the candidate of their choice.” You must want Isko, ang sinasabi ko lang (what I am saying right now), since he is, in my opinion, the ideal choice for the post, especially considering the issues the Philippines is currently facing. ‘Kailan na nating magtulong-tulong,’ kailan na nating magtulong-tulong. Dahil kakampi o kapitbahay hindi na. Ang pinag-uusapan natin ngayon sa Pilipinas (We need to support each other, not because we’re allies or neighbors.) The stakes we’re discussing right now are for the Philippines),” he explained.

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