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Termination of e-sabong operations by Duterte, confirmation of PH values

MANILA — Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano of Taguig-Pateros said on Wednesday that President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to halt e-sabong operations in the country is a confirmation of Filipino values that keep the country strong.

Duterte’s decision to order the immediate end of e-sabong, according to Cayetano, strengthens his opinion that the activity is “destructive” to the people and the country.

According to Cayetano, the money the government makes from these online gambling enterprises pales in contrast to the losses people suffer through gambling debt, criminality, and family disintegration, among other things.

“A man reaps what he sows, according to the Bible. “E-sabong may have brought in some revenue for the government, but the price has been too high in terms of people’s lives,” he said. “We want to express our gratitude to the President for taking the time to consider the impact on our next generation’s beliefs. Mr. President, maganda maganda maganda maganda maganda maganda maganda maganda maganda maganda mag

Across his “Talk to the People” address on Tuesday morning, Duterte announced the end of e-sabong operations in the country.

Duterte mentioned the effect of e-sabong on individuals and families, citing allegations that some people remain awake for 24 hours to bet on games.

Online forms of gambling, according to Cayetano, make betting games available to everyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, necessitating access restrictions, particularly for minors.

Belvedere Vista Corp., Lucky 8 Star Quest Inc., Visayas Cockers Club Inc., Jade Entertainment and Gaming Technologies Inc., Newin Cockers Alliance Gaming Corp., Philippine Cockfighting International Inc., and Golden Buzzer Inc. are among the licensed operators, according to him.

Cayetano has often campaigned for the outright prohibition of e-sabong, claiming that it is incompatible with Filipino values, which place a premium on faith and family above everything else.

He mentioned the rise in e-sabong-related crimes, such as the disappearance of 34 sabungeros earlier this year, which allegedly implicated some police officials.

He also mentioned the robberies committed by some police personnel and the story of a lady who sold her infant to pay off a gambling debt.

This, according to Cayetano, is why he is certain that e-sabong and all other forms of internet gambling be outlawed completely.

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