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Hotel reopening to increase tourism in Mt. Province

Mt. Province, BAUKO – Officials here are optimistic that the reopening of the Mount Data Hotel would help the town and province’s tourism industries recover from the global pandemic.

“I believe in the economic impact of tourism, and the opening of Mt. Data Hotel will enhance tourism in Bauko, Mt. Province, create jobs, and foster economic progress,” Mayor Abraham Akilit remarked during the event.

The Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) has allotted PHP50 million for the rehabilitation of the historic facility – built by the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) in the 1960s – that witnessed the unfolding of the “Igorots” that led to the creation of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).

TIEZA has given priority to the rehabilitation project, which began in January 2020, according to Akilit.

“We pledge that the authorities and the community will maintain peace and safety in this area. We’ll work together to make the hotel a pleasant experience “Jose Tumbali, the provincial administrator stated.

Mark Lapid, TIEZA’s chief operating officer, expects that the hotel’s reopening would usher in a new age of sustainable tourism in Mountain Province.

More attractions and structures will be built on Mt. Data to make it more family-friendly, he said.

“We’ll put in infrastructure for adventure, camping, and we intend to make this a biker’s paradise,” Lapid added.

During the ceremony, Jovita Ganongan, director of the Department of Tourism-Cordillera, stated that they are improving old facilities while developing new tourism items.

“This is a bustling hotel, and the entire 7.7 hectares… has preserved its nostalgia even after its construction,” Ganongan remarked.

She stated that they will collaborate with the hotel to guarantee that, in addition to its overall appeal, it provides guests with a complete and satisfying experience.

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