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The Bayaning Tsuper party-list is pushing for the legalization of “habal-habal.”

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines — If the Bayaning Tsuper (BTS) party-list wins a seat in the House of Representatives in the upcoming elections, they have promised to push for the legalization of “habal-habal” (motorcycle cabs).

BTS’s first nominee, lawyer Aminola Abaton, pointed out on Thursday that in other parts of the nation, such as Manila, Cebu, and Davao, “habal-habal” are permitted to operate and transport passengers as a “single motorized taxi.”

However, many municipal governments, according to Abaton, prohibit habal-habal operations because they are “colorum,” or illegal.

“A double standard exists. They are authorized to operate in other locations, but not in our city,” remarked Abaton, the former head of the Land Transportation Office-Zamboanga Peninsula (LTO-9)

He stated that he will work to have motor cabs legalized throughout the country, adding that they are the sole means of transportation in remote areas with tough terrain that are inaccessible to four-wheel vehicles.

He explained that legalization requires developing a list of all habal-habal operators and drivers so that they may be tracked down and identified quickly.

“There have been reports that a habal-habal driver or a passenger has been robbed, but the perpetrator cannot be recognized because there is no record,” he said.

“There is no database,” Abaton explained, “since they (habal-habal) are unlawful.”

If “habal-habal” operators and drivers are regulated by law, they can receive benefits similar to those given to the transportation sector, according to Abaton.

The BTS is an indigenous political party that advocates for legislative changes to improve road safety.

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