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Farmers in Pangasinan would benefit from P16 million in post-harvest infrastructure.

Pangasinan’s MANAOAG – The Department of Agriculture’s Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization has provided post-harvest facilities worth PHP8 million to two farmers’ groups in the municipalities of Manaoag and Natividad (DA-PhilMech).

Raul Geronimo, Manaoag municipal agriculture officer, said the post-harvest facilities will be a “huge benefit” to the farmers’ cooperative at the ceremonial transition on Thursday.

“Our farmers are finding it difficult to dry their produce as a result of climate change, and we were unable to prevent them from doing so due to a lack of facilities,” he said.

When they dry their food along the sides of the roadways, Geronimo says they lose a lot of money and produce less.

“Ultimately, this project will be a one-stop rice processing facility where people can dry, store, and process their produce,” he said.

A single-pass rice mill and a mobile grain dryer were given to each of the farmers’ cooperatives and organizations in the two towns.

“Good post-harvest technology enhances crop quality, empowering and enhancing the lives of our farmers,” Geronimo stated.

The amenities were granted to the farmers through the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund under the rice tarrification law, according to DA-PhilMech director Dionisio Alvindia.

“The government is providing these services at no cost. We ask that you put your heart and soul into this endeavor and care about the facilities. In his speech at the function, he urged, “Take careful care of the facilities.”

From planting to harvesting, the distribution of machinery attempts to boost farmers’ harvest and income by utilizing appropriate farm mechanization technologies and equipment.

The RCEF was established by the national government to help farmers compensate for the expected loss of farm income as a result of the rice tariffication.

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