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PRRD advises electors to check the credentials of prexy bets.

MANILA –In electing the next president, Filipino voters must be discriminating and scrutinizing all ten candidates’ biodata.

President Rodrigo Duterte stated survey results are only projections three days before the May 9 elections.

“Predictions exist, but they are not accurate… They are simply predictions at this point. But you already know who the most popular candidate in the poll is. “I hope for peaceful elections,” Duterte remarked in a taped interview with Apollo Quiboloy that aired on Friday on Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI).

“Please go over the biodata of the candidates, especially the presidential candidates,” he added.

Without naming names, the President recognized that, according to pre-election polls, there is a “leading” presidential candidate.

In polls, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. consistently comes out on top, receiving more than 30% of the vote.

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, Duterte’s daughter and Marcos’ running mate, has also topped all polls by a large majority.

Duterte stated Marcos has a “weak” personality and is a “spoiled” son in November of last year.

Duterte mentioned in the SMNI interview that Marcos lives a “simple” life.

“Wala siyang sabihin mo talaga na, simple existence lang siya.” Mahirap ‘yung, kaya… It’s just a simple way of life for him, bata pa siya noon (It’s just a simple way of life for him.) He lacks the necessary funds. He was still young at the time to be entrusted with billions),” he remarked, referring to his father, former President Ferdinand Marcos’ alleged ill-gotten wealth.

When Marcos ran for senator in 2010 and won, he didn’t have enough money, according to Duterte.

“Alam mo, noong senatorial campaign, nakikisakay lang iyan sa akin,” Duterte explained. “Kung may pera siya noon, wala (He was short on cash at the time).”

According to Duterte, the ill-gotten wealth allegedly acquired by the Marcoses has yet to be proven.

Duterte further warned that another presidential candidate, Vice President Leni Robredo, may grant Senator Leila de Lima, who has been incarcerated since 2017 on illegal drug allegations, special treatment.

“Kaya kung manalo si Leni Robredo, pardon iyang si de Lima, pati ‘yung ano, pati ‘yong ano.” If Leni Robredo wins, she will award de Lima, as well as the others [who defended the detained senator], a pardon. That is correct. So you decide). Duterte stated, “Choose [the proper candidate]).”

Rafael Ragos, a former Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Investigation and former Bureau of Corrections officer-in-charge, recanted his testimony, which Duterte suggested was done in exchange for money.

Ragos previously stated that he was “compelled” to testify against de Lima and her aide, Ronnie Dayan.

He explained, “Itong si Ragos ganoon din, pera-pera iyan (Ragos only wants money).” “Walang taong magpunta sa korte (No one will go to court) to swear the truth, nothing but the truth, then recant your remarks after a few years.” Is it possible to get a ganoon? Why would you do something like that? He stated, “Because of money”)

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