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Pacquiao wants to turn the Philippines into a migration destination.

MANILA – Presidential hopeful Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao wants to portray the Philippines as a destination for international workers as well as a provider of professionals.

He stated that he would begin by promoting micro, small, and medium firms, which account for at least 99 percent of all registered businesses in the country.

“Ang mangyayari niyan ang tabaho ang maghahanap ng tao, ang palalakasin natin para sobra sobra ang trabaho kaysa sa tao. (We will increase this to create jobs.) Filipinos will never dream of working abroad) “On Friday, he remarked this at the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas-Comelec Forum.

“‘Pag date ng panahon lalago ang ating bansa at ang desire kong mangyari ‘yong taga ibang bansa kasi ang mangarap na pumunta rito para magtrabaho hindi tayo ang mangarap para pumunta doon at magtrabaho sa kanilang lugar (Someday, I want the country to become a
Pacquiao went on to say that he will mandate the standardization of salaries and a rise in the daily minimum wage to at least PHP750, in response to labor groups’ demands.

The senator intends to provide incentives in the form of tax breaks to help firms and employers stay afloat.

“Hindi tao ang mag-a-adjust, kundi gobyerno, magbibigay tayo ng incentives sa mga namumuhunan para naman magkaroon ng development ang mga probinsya,” he said.

Pacquiao also stated that if he wins, at least five foreign billionaires will invest in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, he vowed to fight corruption and reintroduced his plans to construct a “mega-prison” for corrupt government employees.

“Ang nakikita kong dahilan sa matagal na panahon ‘yan, kaya ‘di umunlad ang ating bansa (Corruption is the very reason why the country fails to develop). I’m not referring to this government; I’m referring to the fact that for the past 50 years, sa ating bansa wala tayong nakitang nakitang nakitang nakitang nakitang nakitang nakitang “he stated

Pacquiao stated again that he will evaluate all government contracts, especially those from the Departments of Agriculture, Health, and Social Welfare and Development.

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