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Isko Moreno celebrates life in advance, with optimism

MANILA, Philippines — Aksyon Demokratiko standard-bearer Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso will have his miting de avance in Moriones Linear Park in Tondo, Manila, on Saturday.

The Aksyon Demokratiko event, which begins at 4 p.m., will be a gesture of thanks as well as a celebration of life, hope, and courage, according to Domagoso.

In a statement, he said he wishes to send a message of optimism to his former neighbors, saying that good administration can lead to progress and prosperity.

“Utang ng loob ko sa mga taga-Tondo kung nasaan man ako sa mundo,” says one of the characters. Doon ko tatapusin ‘yung laban, doon ko nagsimula. (I owe Tondo my current position.) I began and will conclude there). He remarked, “I started there (as a councilor) and I’ll end there (in my presidential campaign).” He was referring to his oft-told story of growing up in the slums and eventually being a movie star on his route to becoming a public servant.

He emphasizes in all of his campaign speeches that everyone can achieve more with hope, hard work, and faith in God.

“Kahit anak ng mahirap, basta nagsikap at nagpursige ang magulang, ‘yung bata nagsikap, may mararating sa buhay,” says the narrator. May buhay, may pag-asa habang (Even poor children can achieve success if their parents work hard and endure, and the youngster works hard.) “There is hope as long as there is life,” Domagoso added.

Domagoso was motivated to run for president by the same vision. To put it another way, regular people should be given equal opportunities to improve their life.

Domagoso promised that if elected, he would pursue a life and livelihood economic policy that would address poverty, hunger, unemployment, inequality, and social injustice by using government resources effectively, efficiently, and prudently.

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