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Comelec reminds bettors that the campaign ends on May 7.

MANILA, Philippines — On the eve of the May 9 elections, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) reminded all national and local candidates that campaigning is no longer permitted on Sunday.

Those seeking election on Monday, according to Comelec Commissioner George Garcia, have until Saturday (May 7) to persuade the public to vote for them.

“The last day of campaigning is tomorrow (Saturday). There should be no more campaigning by Sunday “In a Friday interview, he stated.

“Please help us battle vote-buying, fake news, violence, and terrorism on Sunday, when there is no more campaigning.” Let us put the country’s interests first,” the polling official stated.

The day before and the day of the election are not included in the campaign period, according to the Omnibus Election Code.

“Once again, the courtship is finished, and we must make a decision.” “Your vote is very essential, and your vote on election day is very vital,” he continued.

“Let’s not throw it away or sell it.” The [future] of our country, of your age, is at risk here. “I hope everyone votes on Monday,” said the poll body’s Commissioner.

Campaigning outside of the campaign season, on the other hand, is illegal by law and will be deemed an election infraction, according to Garcia.

“Be prepared to face the full force of the law and the repercussions of your criminal activities,” he warned those who would defy.

Candidates and political parties across the country will hold their individual “miting de avance” events on Saturday.

Garcia urged individuals doing their final campaign rallies to follow the minimum health precautions for coronavirus sickness in 2019. (Covid-19).

“Candidates and political parties are required to follow strict health guidelines. What good are all your efforts, time, and resources if your voters aren’t aware of Covid-19? “he stated

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