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Despite calls for his ouster, an NFA executive debunks allegations of corruption and power abuse.

MANILA, Philippines — Former officers of the National Food Authority Employees’ Union have accused Judy Carol Dansal of “falsely representing” the organization and have urged for her removal due to alleged “corruption and abuse of authority.”

Dansal emphasized at the NFA news conference that she was not behind the alleged “union-busting” in the NFA and that individuals who had made accusations were motivated by their resistance to the NFA’s management restructure.

“Ako po ang may kasalanan sa pananaw po nila,” she added. “However, kami po naninindigan sa management na wala kaming kinalaman sa pagwi-withdraw ng mga members nila sapagkat sila ay nagpabaya sa kanilang obligasyon na magting

(From their perspective, I am to fault.) However, we, the management, maintain that we are unaware of some of their members’ withdrawal since they failed to fulfill their commitment to care about the employees’ wellbeing.)

Unlike those who brought the charges, many NFA employees, according to Dansal, are pleased with the ongoing reorganization, which includes acceptable advancements and compensation classes.

“Ang members ng association at officers ay ayaw nilang ipatupad ang implementation (The members of the association, as well as the officers, do not want the restructuring to be implemented).” “However, 3,229 employees signed an affidavit saying that they want to pursue and assist NFA management in implementing the restructuring and that they have forfeited their right to be represented by a union,” she added.

Furthermore, the administrator stated that some former associated officials, including Maximo Torda, do not have legal union representation.

“These people are no longer considered officers of the union because they have never been elected, never (been) elected in the past elections… “As of August 31, 2021, their employment and carryover capability have already ended,” she said.

She also dismissed the former officers’ claims of wrongful dismissal, noting that one of the complainants has even obtained clearance from their office.

Earlier, Torda, “representing the NFA union,” issued a statement urging President Rodrigo Duterte to remove Dansal in order to “prevent future deterioration of the agency.”

According to Torda, Dansal is facing “at least three graft charges filed with the Ombudsman, an administrative charge filed with the Civil Service Commission, and an alleged violation of the NFA procurement rules by purchasing rice in Region IV even when there was no emergency, resulting in NFA losses.”

Torda further stated that the administrator seemed to favor some staff, including her mother and daughter-in-law.

“She appears to regard the NFA as her own realm, effectively turning it into a private family enterprise,” he said.

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