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The Department of Education has challenged Pacquiao to name officials involved in corruption.

MANILA, Philippines — Senator Manny Pacquiao’s claims of corruption in the Department of Education (DepEd) must not end there, the DepEd stated on Sunday.

Instead, at a panel interview with the Commission on Elections-Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (Comelec-KBP) on Friday, the presidential contender must identify the corrupt officials he alleged.

“To accuse wrongdoing without supporting evidence or naming persons is tantamount to false accusation,” the Department of Education said in a statement.

According to Pacquiao, school quality is not increasing because to corruption, and DepEd monies are not being used appropriately.

“Hindi po ako nagsalita, pero alam ko ang mga nangyayari dyan sa DepEd,” she said. Ibulgar ko ngayon ayaw ko. Pagdating ng panahon, eh alam ko na kung paano ko halungkatin ‘yung at itutuwid (I’d rather keep quiet for the time being, but I’m aware that something is going on within DepEd. I really don’t want to say anything right now. Pacquiao remarked during the filmed interview, “Time will come, I know how to delve into it, and we will correct it”)

Pacquiao has “every right, legally and morally, to assail and question the wrongdoings in government and put to question whatever wrongdoing, any person or instrumentality of the government for that matter in his quest to eradicate graft and corruption in the bureaucracy,” according to the Department of Education.

Pacquiao did not name the education officials he claims earn commissions totaling 40% of the project costs, which irritated the Department of Education.

“When requested to identify himself, he refused,” the Department of Education claimed.

According to the Department of Education, as a senator and a contender for the highest position in the land, Pacquiao should name names rather than use broad generalizations to attack the entire institution, which is a crucial component of the election.

“While the Comelec is the primary agency in charge of the electoral process, teachers and DepEd officials and staff are present at every polling precinct and canvassing center,” the agency added.

The DepEd claimed that blaming the entire educational institution “is exceedingly risky and can damage public perceptions of the integrity of the approaching electoral results” because it employs 948,270 teachers and serves over 27 million students.

“While there may still be bad apples inside the organization, the Department’s leadership has decided to charge those who have been implicated and dismiss those who have been found guilty.” As a result, it is not the time to condemn the entire organization,” it stated.

Pacquiao has been in office for more than nine years, according to the Department of Education, and “cannot claim to be morally blameless if the charge of corruption is accurate, since self-righteousness is consuming.”

“Let any among you who is without sin cast the first stone,” it continued, quoting the Bible.

If elected, Pacquiao has said that his administration will scrutinize all government contracts to guarantee that no anomalies exist.

Pacquiao promised to probe and clean up the internal operations of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Department of Health, and Department of Agriculture at the Comelec-KBP interview.

Previously, the retired world champion boxer accused the Departments of Energy and Environment and Natural Resources of corruption.

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