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After his term, PRRD wants to resume his hunt for crooks.

MANILA, Philippines — After stepping down from office in June, President Rodrigo R. Duterte says he plans to resume his motorcycle-riding activities, which he did while still mayor of Davao City, and that he will pursue down criminals as he did before.

“No one can tell me what to do now that I’m not President.” I’m going to ride my motorcycle throughout the city… And I’ll go looking for drug dealers, shoot them, and murder them,” he stated in Bisaya at the Hugpong ng Pagbabago miting de avance on Friday night.

Duterte cautioned criminals, particularly drug traffickers, not to relax their guard because he would still track them down and apprehend them.

“To be honest, don’t let your guard down thinking I won’t – p* I If you do drugs, I will still pursue you. When you abduct them, beat them up, and take their money, you’re exactly like them. You’ll kill the victim if they don’t pay you the money. And in certain situations, even after receiving the ransom, you continue to murder your victim. And your family will be perplexed as to why you chose to murder. They begin to question whether justice exists at all. It is difficult to achieve justice. But I’m a lawyer, and I believe in justice when done properly,” he continued.

He went on to remark that his mantra of combatting illegal narcotics had never changed since he was mayor.

“I was really severe when I became mayor because of this,” I promised them that I would construct a city that would be pleasant to live in. I warned them not to use drugs to harm my city, particularly my children, our children. If you do it in Davao, I’m going to kill you. “It was still my mantra when I became President,” he remarked.

He defended the administration’s tough stance on illegal narcotics once more, adding that, despite his rhetoric, he never directed law enforcement to carry out extrajudicial killings.

“The International Criminal Court, or ICC, has threatened to sue me for ordering the executions. I never told the cops to kill them, and I never did. All I said was that I will murder you. He said, “I never told anyone else to do anything for me.”

Duterte also stated that claims that he had killed anyone were false.

“To be honest with you, the International Criminal Court, and human rights, I have never killed anyone, but I may do so soon.” That will happen when the moment is right. But when I was mayor, I told my police officers to go out and find drug addicts and drug lords and arrest them. If they resist and your life is in danger, I shall accept responsibility for you in the performance of your duties (as long as it is in the line of duty). It’s entirely my fault. “I said that,” he stated.

A mayor or president, he said, should not be afraid to face criminals.

“I will tell the Human Rights and Criminal Court that if the criminals aren’t terrified of you as a mayor or president, you are useless,” he continued.

Duterte voiced faith in his successor continuing his drug battle in March, saying he was concerned about a “resurgence.”

According to the latest Read Numbers statistics given by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, a total of PHP76.01 billion worth of illegal drugs has been recovered nationwide since the commencement of Duterte’s drug campaign in July 2016.

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