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Central Luzon cops are reminded to remain politically neutral.

Police officers should remain apolitical during the May 9 national and local elections, according to the Director of the Police Regional Office (PRO) 3 (Central Luzon).

PRO-3 Director Brig. Gen. Matthew P. Baccay warned police officers on Friday evening not to exhibit their political leanings, saying it would go against the organization’s non-partisan stance in politics.

“I’m reminding all police officers that they must not exhibit support for or campaign against local or national political candidates.” While I encourage all police officers to exercise their right to vote as citizens, they must remain apolitical in carrying out their duties as members of the Philippine National Police, according to Baccay.

He went on to say those police officers should do their jobs properly, which is to ensure that elections are fair, safe, credible, and orderly.

Meanwhile, Baccay urged the people to report accurate and timely information on any unethical police behavior they have observed.

To assist with election-related incidents and security concerns, a total of 9,572 police officers have been deployed around the region.

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