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Pacquiao claims that ‘poor’ voters will help him win the presidency.

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Senator Manny Pacquiao expects to be elected president on Monday with the help of the poor, which he estimates to number over 30 million people.

He informed the gathering at his Friday rally outside a mall in the North Reclamation Area of this capital city that more than 30 million people are covertly backing his campaign and will be eligible for his “pabahay” (housing) scheme.

“Tahimik lang tayo,” she said. Ang akong botante katong pobre. Ang kanang mga datu nga mata-pobre ang kanang saba diha sa social media. We’re just quiet, ang pobre intawon daug-daogon talaga. The poor are my supporters. The rich, who look down on the poor, are the ones who are loud on social media. He stated, “They bully the poor.”

He feels it his Christian obligation, regardless of the election results, to not desert the poor and to serve them.

“Human naman akong paggamit sa kusog sa ring,” says the narrator. In the pagtabang sakong mga kaigsuonan, karon gamiton nako akong kusog. Kana ang akong dedication. I’ve already used my strength in the ring, dili lang para sa Inyo na commitment, kundi didto sa Ginoo. Now I’m going to help my brothers and sisters with my strength. That is my promise (not only to you, but also to God),” he stated.

The 43-year-old former world champion boxer has pledged to lobby for the amendment or adoption of legislation that will expose politicians and public officials who use their positions to hide their fortune earned with government funds.

“Ako na pud na ako. Pila na ka eleksyon ang naagian, ang mga politko puro pangako, at ang mga tawo nipobre og samot, at ang nadatu katong mga tawo nga naglingkod. I’d like to alter the Anti-Dummy Law, kay ang ilang kayamanan gitago sa ubang tawo para di mahalata nga dato na kayo sila (I’m tired of it. After so many elections, politicians are just excellent at making promises, but the people are going poorer while those in authority are getting wealthy. “I’m going to change the Anti-Dummy Law because they’ve been disguising their riches via other people so that it doesn’t appear that they’re wealthy),” Pacquiao stated in his address.

He warned Cebuanos not to be fooled by hollow promises while also inviting people to consider his sincere desire to serve the country.

Pacquiao and his squad gathered in the southern parts of Cebu on Wednesday and traveled west to Balamban town for an overnight before heading north and back to Cebu City for an island sortie.

Thousands of supporters and members of the political party Probinsya Muna Development Initiative joined the event.

The senator is unconcerned by the fact that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. consistently wins polls, comparing it to President Rodrigo Duterte’s victory in 2016.

“Mao nang karon mga isguon murag hayag na ang atong kadaugan,” says the narrator. (That is why, my brothers and sisters, we witness a decisive triumph in the survey basin.) Give them the surveys because they might be startled, like Digong was),” he explained.

He recalled that in pre-election polls, President Duterte was placed as low as third.

“What’s up, Ngano?” Doto nagsuport, didto nakig-usa kay Duterte mao na ang ilang style ang mga pobre tao. Laban ninyo ni tanan kini mag igsuon. Why is it that samot ta magka-landslide kay daghan na kaayo nag-fill up og pabahay form (Why is it that samot ta magka-landsl Because he has the support of the entire destitute population. They came together to support Duterte. That’s how they roll. This is your war now, my brothers and sisters. With more individuals signing up for housing forms, we will have a landslide victory),” Pacquiao remarked.

If he fails, he says he would continue to help Filipinos since he knows how to live a wretched existence, having been homeless and sleeping hungry in his youth.

He gathered Cebuanos, whom he referred to as “igsuon” (brothers and sisters), to support Manny Pacquiao, the same boxer with whom he shared the spoils of his boxing career.

Pacquiao’s campaign will come to a close on Saturday with a miting de avance in General Santos City, his hometown.

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