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 SpaceDC to partner with Aofei Data International Company Limited in China

SpaceDC to partner with Aofei Data International Company Limited in China

●      CAN2, a 5MW facility located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

●      CAN3, 62MW facility located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

●      PKX2, 153MW facility located in Langfang City, Hebei Province

●      SZX1, a 3MW facility located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

10 May 2022 – China, Singapore — SpaceDC, a Singapore-based visionary data center provider, is partnering with Aofei Data International, a Hongkong subsidiary of Guandong Aofei Data Technology Company Limited, which operates 9 facilities, delivering a full spectrum of data center system integration and connectivity solutions. The partnership sees both companies working together to sell Aofei’s data centers, CDN, and SDN in China including their Guangzhou, Langfang City, and Shenzhen campuses.

The partnership is driven by SpaceDC’s customer requirement for robust CDN and SDN products to deliver quality content at high speeds to China’s 1 billion internet users. Aofei’s portfolio of data centers has been designed to provide a global solution that is both easy and flexible to deploy.

With a total area of 7,200m2, the CAN2 facility delivers 5MW of critical power and network-rich connectivity that is ideal for companies looking for a secure and resilient hyperscale facility in Guangzhou.

Located within an established data center hub to the southeast of Guangzhou, CAN3 is a 75,000m2 campus that provides 62MW of critical power with a PUE of 1.29 making it, one of the most efficient facilities in China.

Covering a total area of 170,000m2 and ten buildings, the PKX2 hyperscale design is supported by dual feeds from two discrete substations to deliver 153MW of critical power.

With an area of 8,600m2 SZX1 delivers 3MW of critical power supported by dual discrete substations.

“Aofei has designed a robust, global CDN and SDN network that delivers both speeds to market and flexibility at the point of use” commented Alex Yang, CEO of Aofei. “With SpaceDC we can effectively work together to combine our expertise to support the growth of their customers in China by providing an easy to use service.”

“Through this strategic partnership we can provide our customers direct access to an agnostic CDN and SDN network in multiple locations in China,” commented Jeffrey Tay, EVP of Strategic Partnerships for SpaceDC. “The choice to work with Aofei was due to the rich technology backbone they have developed over the years.”

“SpaceDC is excited to announce our partnership today as we continue to build our product offering for the Chinese market,” commented Carolyn Harrington, Chief Operating Officer for SpaceDC. “With a proven track record we can confidently offer our customers a full suite of Aofei products.”


About SpaceDC

Headquartered in Singapore, SpaceDC is passionate about designing and building state-of-the-art data centers that support our customers’ business both today and tomorrow. Our operational excellence and resilient facilities mean customers can confidently unlock growth opportunities in Asia’s fast-moving markets.

With over 60 years of experience designing, building, and operating facilities around the globe, no matter the business sector or size, you can count on SpaceDC to meet your data solution needs, both now and into the future. Visit us at spacedc.com


Guangdong Aofei Data Technology Co. Ltd. (AOFEI)supports the world’s leading enterprises and service providers by delivering the full spectrum of a data center, colocation, SI, and interconnection solutions. We operate 9 large data centers nationwide, and another 5 data centers are under construction.

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