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After the May 9 elections, Cebu City establishes priorities.

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Mayor Michael Rama laid out his agenda for the next few months as the elected local chief administrator of this capital city, which includes repaying the full amount of the loan that supported the building of the South Road Properties (SRP).

Rama said in a press conference that he had identified nine priority agendas out of 21 “grand problems” that he wanted to be addressed once he and other officials formally take office on Monday.

“We now set in motion the fulfillment of our commitments in the Barug PDP-Laban Cebu City platform and continue to accomplish and 21 grand social program impact, which I refer to as the 21 “grand salute” impact flagship that we laid down after we assumed office five months ago with Vice Mayor Dondon Hontiveros.” “We promised good governance, which we will provide, and a more effective city hall,” Rama stated.

“There will be adjustments in the city administration to be more responsive to our citizens’ needs and in accordance with our agenda,” he stated.

“Only one political ideology should exist, and that is good government.” The election has ended. “We’re working on healing and restoring understanding,” Rama stated.

Rama has asked lawyer Jerone Castillo to oversee research on how to repay the Japan International Cooperation Agency’s PHP1.1 billion loan in full (JICA).

JICA provided a loan of 12.315 billion yen in 1995 to help build the 300-hectare SRP.

The debt was intended to be paid off in 30 years, or until 2025, but Rama stated that one of his active movements or actions is to “get the SRP loan fully paid off.”

The joint venture deal for the Carbon Public Market modernization project, he said, is the second priority.

Following the death of Mayor Edgardo Labella, Rama proposed certain revisions to the JVA in order for it to be acceptable to all parties — the municipal government, market sellers, and the developer.

Rama also stated that he wants the longstanding standoff over the “Ordinance 93-1” land-swap deal to be resolved so that city resident living on the province-owned lot will eventually receive their titles in exchange for other high-end property owned by the city.

Since 1988, 11 barangays in Cebu City have been occupying these properties, housing over 5,000 people.

Rama also wants free public Wi-Fi to be installed “all throughout the city.”

The traffic summit, medium-rise buildings for shared housing, huge asphalting of city roads, and 100% electrification of all city families are the four other major measures Rama wishes to undertake in the coming months.

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