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The new Covid-19 case in Davao City has been linked to the May 9 elections.

After recording zero instances of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) in the previous three days, this city saw one infection on Wednesday, which is being ascribed to persons voting in the May 9 elections.

“We’ve had zero positive cases since May 8, but one today, May 11,” said Dr. Michelle Schlosser, the Davao City Covid-19 Task Force spokesperson, during a radio interview.

According to Schlosser, they are anticipating a rise in Covid-19 detection over the two-week incubation phase.

The virus was found in swabbed individuals who had Covid-19 symptoms, including those with travel plans, those who had been detained, and hospital patients and visitors.

The crowds of people hurrying by the hundreds to vote during the Monday elections, which Schlosser termed as a “super-spreader event,” could have produced the single Covid-19 infection, according to Schlosser.

Despite low attendance for booster shots in the city, Schlosser reiterated that residents should be vigilant and take health precautions.

“We must continue to protect ourselves by wearing face masks and getting booster shots. We have access to reputable vaccine manufacturers “she stated.

Meanwhile, according to a risk assessment map on the impact of the Covid-19 released on May 7, all 182 barangays are now under minimum danger, the lowest risk categorization in the city.

Maa was designated as a moderate-risk region last week, while A. Angliongto Sr., Talomo Proper, and Tibungco were designated as low-risk barangays.

Deputized police and the Davao City Police Office, according to Schlosser, are constantly implementing the city’s face mask ban.

For the first violation, a person who is caught without a face mask will be fined PHP500; for the second offense, PHP2,000; and for the third offense, PHP5,000 or one month in prison.

Failure to pay the fines within three to five days after receiving the citation tickets will result in court proceedings.

Authorities had previously filed charges against 2,000 people who had failed to pay their citation fees for breaking the face mask ordinance.

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