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No polls will be rigged in 2022, according to PRRD.

MANILA – Despite charges of electoral fraud in the May 9 elections from some parties, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte stated he is confident that there was no fraud or other vote anomalies.

“To be honest, I did not observe any cheating, and I will not allow cheating,” Duterte declared in a prerecorded Talk to the People broadcast on Thursday.

To allay fears, Duterte has asked the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to look into claims of election fraud, particularly the 2,000 vote-counting machines (VCMs) that failed.

“Ano namang ito…

I wish that Comelec will also find time to investigate any glitches or claims that there are malfunctioning machines that do not read votes (On glitches or claims that there are malfunctioning machines that do not read votes),” he added.

In future polls, the Comelec opted to discard the malfunctioned VCMs.

The VCMs, which were purchased from Smartmatic Corp., an automated elections supplier, have been in use since the 2013 midterm elections.

With reports of a reportedly consistent 47 percent ratio between votes for the top two presidential bets, Comelec Commissioner Marlon Casquejo warned on Tuesday that cheating allegations will be “impossible to verify.”

He did say, though, that the Comelec may still review each province’s election results.

Losers and winners

Duterte urged national and local election winners to put the country and people first.

“Sana yung manalo (Whoever wins), whoever comes out, you have my heartfelt congratulations.” “I am hopeful that you will serve the Filipino people with all your heart and talent, and that you will put the welfare of the general public first,” he stated.

He also urged losing candidates to continue serving the public in any capacity they could.

“I thank all of the candidates who ran but did not win seats for their involvement in this election.” Even if you did not win this time, I hope you will continue to serve our people as leaders in their respective sectors and localities,” he added.

Duterte reaffirmed that handing up the reins of power to his successor would be an honor, knowing that he had done his best to serve the country and people.

“Once the people’s will has been revealed and all the winners have been declared, we will begin the critical process of handing over power to our new set of leaders…

If I have to hand over the reins of administration to the newly elected president in the next days, I will feel patriotic,” he remarked.

He also asked the public to join him in supporting the newly elected authorities in their efforts to make the country stronger and more progressive.

On June 30, Duterte will step down as president.

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