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Solon calls for national unity and encourages Filipinos to rally around BBM.

MANILA – Following the “extremely polarized” May 9 elections, Rep. Luis Raymund Villafuerte called for national unity on Thursday.

He also urged Filipinos to rally behind presumptive president Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., who has been declared the “obvious choice” of the majority of voters.

“Given that he is reportedly the first candidate in a post-EDSA presidential election to win by a clear majority of those who actually voted, we all have more incentive to support the next Philippine leader. In contrast, all other post-EDSA Presidents have only received a majority of the vote “In a statement, Villafuerte said.

Villafuerte expressed confidence in Marcos’ ability to “really pursue” a political and economic plan that would return the country to the “road of high and inclusive growth” it had been on for the previous two years due to the once-in-a-generation pandemic and the current Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“I believe BBM’s heart is in the right place, and that he would get right to work pursuing such a pro-poor, pro-growth agenda by seeking national consensus behind programs and projects that would accelerate poverty reduction and build on the incumbent administration’s initiatives in further liberalizing our economy to attract more FDIs (foreign direct investments) and create more—and better—jobs,” Villafuerte said.

He also urged the newly elected members of the 19th Congress to collaborate with Marcos in creating legislation that would assist the next administration’s aim of raising people’s living standards and maintaining the country’s high growth rate.

Meanwhile, he praised the Commission on Elections for “buttressing the integrity of a presidential election” by quickly transmitting voting results from the May 9 polls, which will make Marcos the “first-ever, post-EDSA candidate” to win by a clear majority of Filipinos who voted.

“While there were isolated cases of poll day glitches, this year’s national and local elections were generally faster and more efficient than previous computerized polls, resulting in a highly credible balloting that has settled without a doubt the victory of a presidential candidate who a majority of Filipino voters want to lead our country back to its path of high and inclusive growth, following the double whammy of the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of our country,”

In the May 9 elections, Marcos received twice as many votes as his closest rival, Vice President Leni Robredo.

Based on the 98.35 percent of election returns processed as of May 12, Marcos received 31.1 million votes, while Robredo received 14.8 million votes, according to the Commission on Elections’ transparency server.

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