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Due to a lack of data, poll results are transmitted quickly: PPCRV

MANILA – The speedy transmission of the partial and unofficial results of the May 9 elections, according to the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), was due to low required data, not reported election irregularities.

“Netflix video na napakalaki hindi naman yung data na tina-transmit natin, HD [high-definition] pa. Text data concerning tallies and votes, and tatlong beses lang siya sini-send per machine (The data we transmit isn’t as large as an HD Netflix video.) Only three times per machine is text data concerning tallies and votes sent), “In a radio interview, PPCRV Co-IT Director William Yu said.

Because the data communicated from the vote-counting machines (VCMs) to the transparency server got stuck to the file transfer module, Yu stated it took seven hours to acquire the results during the 2019 midterm elections.

“We didn’t get the results for another seven hours. As a result, the public believes they only received it seven hours later. However, we know the data is in the transparency server. We simply cannot obtain or display it at this time “he stated.

Yu went on to say that the results of the 2022 national and municipal elections were a little slower than the polls in 2019.

“We saw that medyo mas mabagal sa (slower) start. The year 2022 will be sluggish. In comparison to 2019, fewer results came in at the start “he remarked.

When questioned if an automated election is safer than a manual one, Yu responded that technology is neither good nor harmful depending on how it is used.

“Any system, whether automatic or manual, will have issues. Because many (there exist) audit logs, an automated system has advantages. Lots of logs, maraming “he said.

If someone tries to change the results, he says they must update all of the data receivers’ results at the same time.

“As a result, auditability exists. We like it because we can check it out (because we can check). If we don’t trust the transparency server, we should i-check mo si (central check). This is exactly what we’re doing. Use paper if you don’t trust the transmission “he advised.

Yu further dismissed assertions that the results are unlikely since they follow a pattern, claiming that the charge isn’t new to them and is simply another example of fake news.

“We invited the academic community from Ateneo, UST (University of Santo Tomas), La Salle, and UP (University of the Philippines) to say why don’t you look at the statistics and see for yourself,” he said.

PPCRV Legal Affairs Director and spokeswoman Vann Dela Cruz said on Wednesday that no irregularities in the system had yet been discovered.

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