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MMDA and EcoWaste will recycle electoral waste into ecobricks and ecobags.

MANILA – The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the EcoWaste Coalition will collect and recycle hundreds of tons of electoral memorabilia and other trash left behind after the last national elections.

MMDA Chair Romando Artes said in a television interview on Thursday that ‘Operation Baklas (take down) 2022’ began on Tuesday and that the cleanup should be completed in two weeks.

“Marami po tayong teams na ikinalat para sa pagbaklas po nito at katulong po natin ang ibang sangay ng pamahalaan pati na po yung mga local government units [LGUs],” Artes added.

So far, the MMDA has collected 28 truckloads totaling 98 tons of trash on Tuesday and 43 truckloads containing 154 tons of trash on Wednesday, totaling 254 tons of election rubbish in just two days.

Despite the vast volumes of garbage to be gathered, he stated that it will not be dumped in sanitary landfills, but rather converted into hollow blocks and bricks at the Vitas Pumping Station’s existing brick-making operation.

“We have a trash granulator where we will grind these tarpaulins and pieces of plastic to be used in manufacturing ecobricks,” Artes explained.

He claims that these ecobricks are used in the renovation of Metro Manila sidewalks and parks.

He claimed the World Bank supported the program, which began in 2021.

“‘Yan po nagbabawas ng basura na imbis na itapon sa landfill ay pinapakinabangan po natin sa paggawa ng hollow blocks at bricks.” It can be used to construct hollow blocks and bricks instead of being thrown away in a landfill),” Artes stated.

He also stated that tarpaulins collected by the MMDA will be provided to the EcoWaste Coalition in a meeting requested by the group on Wednesday.

“We considered giving them with good-condition tarpaulins that they may make into ecobags,” Artes added.

He asked election candidates and their supporters to assist remove election posters and other paraphernalia from Metro Manila and the rest of the country to maintain cleanliness.

“Kalimitan ito ay napupunta sa ating mga kanal, sa estero, na nagdudulot po ng baha (If these are not cleaned up by the rainy season, they generally end up in canals or estuaries, creating floods),” Artes remarked.

He stated that the MMDA is working closely with the Commission on Elections to keep election paraphernalia and other trash clean.

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