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The governor orders the removal of roadblocks and random vax card inspections.

CITY OF LAOAG – Ilocos Norte Governor Matthew Joseph Manotoc announced on Tuesday that checkpoints controlled by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and random checks of Covid-19 immunization cards will no longer be necessary when entering the province for the convenience of visitors.

The election term is defined by law to run from January 9 to June 8.

The electoral gun ban is still in effect at this time, however, the governor of Ilocos Norte has stated that checks at the provincial boundary should be reduced to prevent causing inconvenience to the public.

“For the sake of public convenience, I asked our border staff to stop checking arrivals’ immunization cards.” With Covid-19 instances at such a low level, we should go forward by loosening travel restrictions,” he said in a press conference held in his office since the outbreak began.

Ilocos Norte is opening up for investment and tourism, which are among the top priorities of the present administration, despite being one of the most restrictive provinces in terms of travel restrictions because to Covid-19.

“We are enthusiastic for the development of Ilocos Norte as we embrace additional changes along the way,” he added, noting that because the country’s new president is from this province, Ilocos Norte would undoubtedly be on the priority list in terms of national initiatives.

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