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Under Duterte’s administration, 10.8 million Filipinos completed their technical vocabularies.

MANILA, Philippines — According to Secretary Isidro Lapea, out of 11.6 million Filipinos who registered in technical vocational (tech-voc) courses during the last six years, about 10.8 million graduated and 7.1 million received their Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) national certifications.

“TESDA’s importance in producing a skilled workforce was further highlighted with the issuance of EO No. 83 or Adopting National Technical Education and Skills Development Plan of 2018-2022,” he stated on the second day of the Duterte Legacy Summit in Pasay City.

Lapena noted that, in addition to the four scholarship programs that existed previous to the Duterte administration, more scholarship programs have been introduced since then. TESDA began implementing free technical-vocational education training (TVET) in state-run technical-vocational institutions in 2018.

“Over 1.5 million special clientele’ have benefited from diverse skills training since 2018 (to date). Former rebels, indigenous peoples, drug surrenderers, 4Ps beneficiaries, those deprived of liberty, agrarian reform beneficiaries, and relatives of uniformed soldiers killed or wounded in action are among these clients “He went on to say.

In 2021, TESDA launched the “Tulong Trabaho” Scholarship Program, which aims to alleviate the country’s job-skills mismatch and reduce the number of unemployed Filipinos.

“TESDA Abot Lahat,’ our guiding philosophy, has reaffirmed our mandate of making TVET accessible,” Lapea stated.

TESDA provided services to remote places, as well as geographically isolated and disadvantaged communities (GIDA).

He referenced the TESDA Alay ay Liwanag (TESDA Alay ay Liwanag) Project in Sitio Blit, South Cotabato, where TESDA provided training on photovoltaic system installation and distributed solar panels.

Farmers in Barangay Alegria in Alabel, Sarangani, he added, developed a sustainable source of income because to TESDA’s agriculture course training.

the rate of employment

According to Lapea’s yearly survey on the employment of TVET graduates, the graduates’ employability improved under the Duterte government.

“Prior to the current administration, TVET graduates were employed at a rate of 60 to 66 percent of the time. In 2019, the employment rate jumped from 68.58 percent in 2018 to 84.15 percent “He made a point.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, he noted, the employment rate for TVET graduates rose from 70.51 percent in 2021 to 78.57 percent in 2021.

TESDA opened 63 new training centers across the country during the Duterte administration. In the year 2020, Metro Manila will have its first regional training center.

Three innovation centers have also been constructed to deliver the most up-to-date technology, and five more are approaching development, according to Lapena.

Nearly 35,000 repatriated overseas Filipino workers and their families have benefited from the free tech-voc programs. Around 19,000 of them received skilled worker certification.

“The President’s promise of free TVET has been essential in preparing millions of Filipinos with the necessary skills for employment or self-sufficiency following their training,” Lapena added.

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