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In terms of teen pregnancy cases, Davao City is ranked fifth.

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The local government stated it has stepped up its information education effort in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak to assist address the high number of teen pregnancy cases in the area.

This comes after data from the City Health Office (CHO) and the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) revealed that the city ranks sixth in the country for the number of teen pregnancies.

“It may be disheartening to learn that Davao City has been among the top five cities in the country with the highest number of teen pregnancy cases for the past two years,” Jerrielyn Lewis, acting chief of the CHO population division, said in a statement Wednesday.

According to Lewis, the city had 2,925 teen pregnancies between the ages of 15 and 19, down from 3,464 in 2020.

In comparison, she claims that pregnancy cases among 13-year-olds have been lower over the same time period.

“That is why we are working hard to provide the best service possible to address this issue.” “A small percentage of our community may be affected, but it has a significant impact on our youth,” said Lewis, who is also the CHO’s pre-marriage counseling coordinator.

During the pre-pandemic period, they increased education campaigns through forums in schools and community classes on values formation, human sexuality, and family planning, according to Lewis.

She claims that lack of sexual health education, a dysfunctional family that is unable to manage a growing teen, peer pressure from friends, and social media impact are all typical causes of teenage pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Mark Timbang, the CSWDO’s children welfare focal person, emphasized the importance of children’s values formation, not simply during adolescence.

“The fact that our youngsters are experiencing this problem causes me considerable concern. “A huge component is parents instilling morals in their children,” he stated.

According to Timbang, they focus on reinforcing youth values and assisting them in realizing that they should instead worry about their future and prioritize finishing their courses and achieving their goals.

He went on to say, “Teen females should also be taught about the repercussions of early pregnancy, such as dropping out of school, health concerns during pregnancy, and an uncertain future.”

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