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Over 1.6 million Caraganons have been properly vaccinated.

According to the regional health office, at least 1,604,387 people in the Caraga Region have been properly vaccinated against the coronavirus illness 2019 (Covid-19).

The Department of Health in the Caraga Region (DOH-13) claimed in a report that the figure reflects 70.77 percent of the region’s target population for immunization as of May 30.

“A total of 3,331,582 Covid-19 vaccines were already administered in the region within the same period,” the DOH-13 added.

Frontline professionals in vital sectors (A4) have the greatest immunizations (357,245), followed by the remainder of the adult population (268,779) and the rest of the pediatric population (247,000).

A total of 217,890 people in the Indigenous Population (A5), as well as 213,653 people with comorbidities, are deemed fully vaccinated (A3).

According to the DOH-13 report, 172,398 elderly persons (A2) in the region, including 54,788 frontline health professionals, are now fully vaccinated (A1).

Children with health problems, outbound overseas Filipino workers, and pregnant women are among the others who have been vaccinated.

According to the DOH-13, 204,985 booster doses have been delivered in the region thus far.

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