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The bill to create a PH transportation safety board receives House approval.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives ratified a bicameral conference committee report on a bill creating the Philippine Transportation Safety Board (PTSB), which will be the primary agency in charge of conducting impartial investigations into transportation-related mishaps.

During the plenary session, the chamber passed the final version of the proposed Philippine Transportation Safety Board (PTSB) Act, which reconciles the differing elements of House Bill 9030 and Senate Bill 1077.

The PTSB, which will be an independent, non-regulatory agency under the Office of the President, will be responsible for ensuring the country’s transportation system remains safe, viable, efficient, and dependable, as well as improving transportation safety measures to prevent accidents and ensuring the implementation of transportation safety standards.

The bill’s author, House Transportation Committee Chair Edgar Sarmiento, stated that the country lacked a primary agency responsible for assuring the safety of all types of transportation.

He claimed that the establishment of the PTSB will help the government to prevent accidents by enforcing safety standards.

He stated that it will enable the government to improve transportation safety policies on a constant basis.

“If an accident occurs, our citizens can rest certain that concrete steps have been done to ensure that it does not happen again. Transportation safety is a topic that should not be disputed. We should always endeavor to ensure that our motorists and commuters are able to travel from one location to another with ease “Sarmiento remarked.

All serious or fatal transportation accidents, as well as those of a concerning character that result in bodily harm, loss of life or property, or those that cause extensive damage or destruction of property or surroundings, will be under the authority of the proposed government agency.

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