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Ridership on MRT-3’Libreng Sakay’ hits 18-M in the first two months.

Since the end of March, the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) has given out almost 18 million free trips as part of its “Libreng Sakay” (free ride) promotion.

From March 28 to May 31, the MRT-3 registered a total of 18,069,523 ridership, according to the MRT-3.

The program received 8,472,637 riders in the first month, compared to 9,596,886 in the second month.

“These numbers are projected to climb as the program was extended for the third month in a row, through June 30, 2022,” the organization said in a Facebook post.

During the first month of the program, the train line had an average daily ridership of 309,013 on weekdays, which grew to an average of 343,580 in the second month.

Its weekday traffic was typically more than 350,000 from March 28 to May 30, with the greatest single-day ridership of 366,994 on May 27.

“Since the MRT-3 resumed service in June 2020, this was the greatest ridership recorded.” “The MRT-3 recorded zero unloading occurrences during the implementation of the ‘libreng sakay,'” the MRT-3 claimed.

The program seeks to assist passengers with their daily expenses in the face of rising gasoline and other products prices, as well as to highlight the newly rehabilitated MRT-3’s better services and facilities.

“The initiative also allows management to further test the rail line’s performance, particularly in terms of accommodating up to or exceeding 350,000 passengers daily,” it stated.

The MRT-3’s extensive rehabilitation, which includes upgrades to its tracks, signaling and communications, power and overhead catenary system, rolling stock, and depot and station equipment, was finished in December of last year.

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