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Nearly 71 million Filipinos have been properly vaccinated against Covid-19.

MANILA, Philippines — As of June 1, the Philippines have fully vaccinated 70,917,708 Filipinos against the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), with 14,197,202 obtaining their third dosage or initial booster shots.

Since February 2021, the National Vaccination Operations Center (NVOC) reported that 152,012,792 vaccine doses have been administered out of a total of 245,233,560 vaccine doses acquired by the government, both procured and donated.

In the last seven days, the country’s average daily immunization rate was 107,452 doses.

Dr. Benito Atienza of the Philippine Medical Association advised the remaining unvaccinated population to obtain the two primary Covid-19 doses, as well as those who are completely vaccinated to have their booster shots, at a televised virtual briefing on Thursday.

“Alalahanin po natin na nag-wane na ang ating immunity sa Covid-19 kasi lampas na po iyan ng four to six months kaya po should po ay napapamigay na ang initial boosters,” he added.

Immunocompromised people, senior adults, and healthcare workers can now receive their fourth Covid-19 dose or second booster shot.

Atienza also urged parents to enable their children to be protected from Covid-19, noting that the administration intends to resume face-to-face sessions in full in the coming school year.

He said that there are still enough reformulated Covid-19 vaccinations for the pediatric population aged five to eleven years old.

According to Atienza, the Philippine Medical Association is working closely with the Department of Health to ensure that those who are still unvaccinated receive their primary dosage, including first and second booster shots for those who are qualified.

In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, Atienza also advised the public to maintain rigorous adherence to basic health norms.

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