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The leadership style of BBM is “deliberate,” according to the incoming Press Secretary.

MANILA, Philippines — President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s leadership style will differ from that of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, according to Press Secretary-designate Rose Beatrix “Trixie” Cruz-Angeles.

Marcos’ actions will be “calculated” once he obtains the presidency, Cruz-Angeles stated in an interview with UNTV’s Get it Straight.

“He may forge on with this President-elect, hindi katulad ng style ni PRRD na (it’s distinct from PRRD’s style).” It’s the same, hindi (It’s not the same [for Marcos]). “Everything is purposeful, every detail is considered,” she explained.

Marcos is “conservative,” yet “quite up to speed” on technology and global issues, according to Cruz-Angeles.

Cruz-Angeles acknowledged that she is “not close” to Marcos, but said she is confident in her ability to carry out her duties as the future Palace press secretary because the President-elect is “extremely transparent.”

“Hindi kami close, but parati kong inaaral ‘yung mga sinasabi niya, among other things.” Pinakikinggan ko ‘yun para alam ko rin kung kailangan pa bang i-explain ‘yung sinabi niya at ‘yung quote lang niya ang kailangang ilabas doon sa media (We are not close, but among other things, I always review his words.) I listen to him to see if I need to elaborate on what he said or just broadcast his precise comments to the media),” she explained.

Cruz-Angeles stated that her existing friendship with Marcos would make it simple for her to stay “neutral.”

Her role as Marcos’ press secretary is to keep the public informed about the “truth,” according to her.

“Ilalabas mo ang impormasyon sa moi.” So, totoo iyan (you’ll make the information public). So it’s about telling the truth),” she explained.

According to Cruz-Angeles, Marcos makes certain subjects simple to understand since he can “convert intricate thoughts into simpler terms.”

“Madali siyang kausap eh, madali siyang kausap eh, madali siyang kausap At saka no holds barred, kapag tinanong mo ng something, kahit unpleasant, sasagot pa rin siya Even if he’s uncomfortable, he’ll answer if you ask him),” Cruz-Angeles said.

It is preferable to not have a spokesperson.

Cruz-Angeles also suggested that Marcos should refrain from appointing a spokesperson.

Being Marcos’ spokeswoman, she claimed, is a “huge” responsibility.

“Being a [spokesperson] to PBBM (Marcos) would be a huge responsibility for most individuals, and only he can do it.” “Happy ako na hindi ako (I’m glad I’m not the [spokesperson]),” she expressed her delight.

“If I had been a spokesperson, I would not have accepted.” Cruz-Angeles remarked, “Iba yung obligation na ‘yon (That’s a great burden).”

According to reports, Karen Jimeno, a former Public Works undersecretary, and Rigoberto Tiglao, a columnist, are being considered Marcos’ spokespersons.

Cruz-Angeles said on Thursday that Marcos had no intention of hiring a spokeswoman.

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