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The Department of Foreign Affairs is not sending a delegation to Sri Lanka, but it has promised assistance to Filipinos.

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has revoked its order to dispatch a rapid response team (RRT) from Manila to Sri Lanka, which is in the midst of a humanitarian catastrophe.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. directed Undersecretary Sarah Lou Arriola to issue the recall order on Saturday but pledged that funding for affected Filipinos will be allocated.

“We’re sending funds; make sure the courier doesn’t pocket it. [R]ecall them; bogus report from limp wrist liberals; but we’re sending funds; make sure the courier doesn’t pocket it. Have you heard the news? “He posted on Twitter in response to Arriola’s earlier tweet introducing the RRT to help Filipinos return home.

In a recent tweet, Locsin sought a “real report,” stressing that there are few Filipinos in the country and that the majority of them are married to Sri Lankans.

Arriola previously shared a photo of the Philippine Honorary Consul in Colombo, High Sriyal Dissanayake, greeting two Philippine Embassy personnel.

Only the DFA team was recalled, according to the agency, while the RRT from the Philippine Embassy in Bangladesh, which has authority over Sri Lanka, is already on the ground.

The Embassy team would remain to help in the repatriation of Filipinos and the processing of their paperwork, including the children of those who are married to Sri Lankans.

Furthermore, the DFA intends to provide at least USD300 in emergency support to each concerned Filipino.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs’ most recent count, there are at least 492 Filipinos in the Asian country.

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