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A US Deputy Secretary of State will pay a visit to the Philippines.

MANILA, Philippines — Wendy Sherman, the United States’ Deputy Secretary of State, is scheduled to visit the Philippines to discuss bilateral ties with both new and departing Philippine government officials.

Sherman will meet with President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and other top government officials to discuss “new opportunities to expand the bilateral US-Philippines relationship,” according to a statement released by the US Department of State’s Office of the Spokesperson on June 3.

Sherman will travel to the Philippines, the Republic of Korea (ROK), Laos, and Vietnam from June 5 to 14.

“She will also participate in a business roundtable and a World Oceans Day event,” the statement said, adding that Sherman’s visit demonstrates the US’ “continuing commitment” to the Indo-Pacific area and comes after a series of activities last month.

Sherman will meet with leaders from the Republic of Korea, including Foreign Minister Park Jin, Unification Minister Kwon Young-se, and First Vice Foreign Minister Cho Hyun-dong, in Seoul.

“The Deputy Secretary will also meet with leading women startup entrepreneurs to discuss the importance of women’s leadership and economic empowerment, as well as meet with LGBTQI+ civil society leaders to highlight the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion and mark Pride Month,” according to the statement.

In Seoul, Sherman will meet with Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Mori Takeo as well as ROK First Vice Foreign Minister Cho and Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Mori for a trilateral meeting.

Sherman will meet with Kikeo Khaykhamphithoune, Laos’ Deputy Prime Minister, and Bounleua Phandanouvong, Laos’ Vice Foreign Minister, in Vientiane to discuss “how to best support Laos as it pursues its sustainable development goals and boosts its prosperity and connectivity with its ASEAN neighbors.”

Sherman will meet with Vietnam local Party Secretary Nguyen Van Nene and speak at Fulbright University Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City.

“The Deputy Secretary will meet with Vietnamese officials in Hanoi, including Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh, Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son, and Vice Foreign Minister Ha Kim Ngoc, to highlight the strength of the US-Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership and US support for a strong, prosperous, and independent Vietnam,” the statement said.

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