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Cebu City was pushed by more legislative districts.

CEBU CITY, Philippines – The two newly elected MPs here have made the development of more parliamentary districts in Cebu City and the formation of the Mega Cebu Development Authority their top priorities.

Due to its large population, Cebu City’s 2nd District Rep.-elect Eduardo “Edu” Rama Jr. believes the city qualifies for redistricting in order to have more representation in the House of Representatives.

According to the 2020 census, the city has 964,169 residents, making it the country’s sixth most populous city and the Visayas’ most populous.

“[E]ach legislative district shall encompass, as far as feasible, continuous, compact, and neighboring land,” according to Article VI, Section 6 (3) of the 1987 Constitution. At least one delegate shall be elected in each city having a population of at least 500,000 people, or each province.”

“There will be more projects for Cebu City. In Congress, there are more voices. The Cebuanos would benefit from this. So that’s one of the priorities we’re looking into right now,” Rama remarked at the Casino Espaol’s “Openline” press conference on Tuesday.

Cutie del Mar, the newly elected representative for the 1st District, agreed with Rama, saying the city is ready for more districts.

“More financing equals another district,” she explained.

The two neophytes’ drive for redistricting is an extension of Mayor Michael Rama’s declaration a few days before the May 9 polls that if re-elected, he will advocate for redistricting in Cebu City.

The city currently has two legislative districts, one in the north (1st) and one in the south (2nd), which divide the 80 barangays under their jurisdiction. There are 46 barangays in the north district and 34 in the south district.

Cebu is a megacity.

Rama Jr. also stated that he will collaborate closely with Del Mar on a bill that will establish the Mega Cebu Development Authority, which will provide institutionalized coordination among Metro Cebu local government entities, national agencies, and barangays.

“At the very least, with it, we can have collaboration across LGUs in terms of policy direction, infrastructure planning, solid waste management direction, and coordination for the intermodal transportation system in multiple LGUs,” he said.

Meanwhile, Del Mar said she will work with the mayor to re-implement three flyover projects that were canceled during her first term as a congresswoman, from 2010 to 2013, when she succeeded her father, Raul Del Mar, who died in office.

She also claimed to have lobbied for more than PHP3 billion in funding for skyways and tunnels to alleviate traffic congestion in the city, which were first suggested during her father’s presidency.

Del Mar’s father proposed the first skyway/tunnel, which would extend from Gorordo Ave. near the port to Osmea Ave., passing between Salinas Drive and Juan Luna Ave. The other runs from F. Sotto Drive to Talamban, passing through Archbishop Reyes Avenue and Gov. Cuenco Avenue.

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