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‘See Mindanao for yourself,’ Go advises Robles.

Senator Christopher Lawrence Go asked Raissa Robles, a journalist, to visit Mindanao on Tuesday so she could “see it for yourself and judge.”

Following Robles’ derogatory and false statements about Mindanao, Go sent the invitation, implying that the entire island is riddled with terrorists and kidnappers and unsuited for tourism.

Robles chastised incoming Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia-Frasco for proposing to open Mindanao to tourists in a series of social media posts that began on June 2.

“The fanatical Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and other bandits would be pleased by the prospects of so many prospective kidnap victims,” said Robles, a correspondent for the South China Morning Post.

“Prepare yourself for ransom discussions,” she advised Frasco.

Mindanawons reacted angrily to Robles’ remarks, pointing out that she was propagating a decades-old caricature of Mindanao as an undeveloped backwater populated by terrorists and kidnap-for-ransom gangs.

Peace in Mindanao was “somehow attained” during the Duterte administration, according to Go. It isn’t ideal, but in Mindanao, we are on the verge of achieving ultimate peace.”

Go claims that the government has dramatically reduced the number of insurgencies and terrorism on the island under President Rodrigo Duterte’s six-year term.

“We might be in danger if the President does not put an end to the Marawi conflict.” “Lawlessness may reign, but it did not come about as a result of the government’s efforts,” he remarked.

Kidnappings and other forms of criminality, according to Go, are no longer unique to Mindanao, as other parts of the country have greater crime rates than most of the island’s major towns.

“Come to Mindanao and see for yourself that you will be able to walk at night without getting kidnapped,” the senator advised Robles.

Go also expects that the new administration will build on President Duterte’s achievements in Mindanao.

Robles was also chastised by Vice President-elect Sara Duterte last week, who claimed he tried to defame Mindanao and demean its people.

The sentiments espoused by Robles, according to Duterte, should elicit widespread condemnation because they discriminated against all Mindanaoans, particularly those residing in Moro areas.

“As a Filipino, Robles should be ashamed of herself for inciting and encouraging terrorist groups to target tourists in Mindanao,” Duterte remarked.

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