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The poll bets in La Union have signed a post-election peace pact.

SAN FERNANDO. Several candidates in the province of La Union’s recent local elections signed a pledge of support and dedication to maintaining peace and order.

In a phone interview on Tuesday, Lt Col. Dennis Ballitoc, the chief of the La Union Police Provincial Office’s community affairs development unit, said the Philippine National Police had ordered the operation to assure that there would be no post-election violence in the province.

The signing of the peace covenant, according to Ballitoc, was attended by both winning and losing local politicians from across the province.

“Although some were unable to participate in the activities, we remain optimistic that there would be no post-election violence,” he said.

On Monday, each guest took an oath of support and signed the pledge in a program.

“The commitment indicated that they will support newly elected politicians and that there should be no violence between candidates and election officials,” he continued.

The other provinces will follow in the post-election operation, according to Ballitoc, because police provincial units were mandated to conduct the same activity in their jurisdictions.

He claimed that in previous elections, several undesirable things occurred after the election period ended.

Meanwhile, Raphaela Veronica Ortega-David, the recently elected governor of La Union, has appealed for support from the entire province.

“Now, more than ever, we urge everyone to support the numerous projects and programs of the next group of leaders for the next three to six years,” said the La Union provincial government. Our province’s good fortune will be determined by our solidarity. Let us all wish our new leaders well, since we are rooting for them to succeed. In a speech, she stated, “Their success is our success as a nation.”

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