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Marcos meets with European envoys to discuss food security and climate change.

MANILA, Philippines — During separate meetings on Tuesday morning, President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos discussed food security, climate change, and renewable energy with ambassadors from Spain, Morocco, and Germany.

Marcos received Jorge Moragas, the Spanish Ambassador to the Philippines; Mohammed Rida El Fassi, the Moroccan Ambassador; and Anke Reiffenstuel, the German Ambassador, during a series of meetings at the BBM headquarters in Mandaluyong City.

Reiffenstuel said in a press conference after the private meeting with Marcos that they discussed global issues such as food security and climate change, in addition to boosting bilateral collaboration.

“We discussed potentials for furthering collaboration not only on mutual interests but also to address global concerns such as climate change,” the envoy stated.

The ambassador also briefed the future president on Germany’s ongoing measures to assist the Philippines in combating climate change, including a Euro25 million donation for climate-related projects.

They also talked about Marcos’ top priority project, which is related to food security.

“I informed him about the impending international ministerial conference on global food security, which is also against the backdrop of the impact of Russia’s conflict on Ukraine on global food security concerns,” she said.

They also dealt with the protection of the rule of law and human rights, according to Reiffenstuel.

“I also emphasized the importance of the rule of law and the protection of human rights in Germany, as well as our continuous commitment to these goals,” she said.

“I also mentioned the (continuous) German support, contribution, and funding of the United Nations joint program on human rights here in the Philippines,” she continued.

They also discussed renewable energy, which is one of Marcos’ campaign pledges to deliver lower power costs to the people, according to Reiffenstuel.

“Of course, renewable energies are very important to us, to Germany,” she continued, “and we exchanged about our experiences and commitments, as well as the distributions and shares of renewable energies in our two countries’ power protections.”

The ambassador added that Marcos demonstrated his early commitment to renewable energy by mentioning a wind farm in Ilocos Norte, and they agreed that more conversation is needed because this is a topic of mutual interest.

Marcos also met separately with ambassadors from Italy and various Asean countries on Monday, when they discussed increased cooperation between the Philippines and their countries.

The ambassadors sent their heads of state’s congratulations on his win and expressed their desire to improve bilateral and diplomatic relations with the Philippines.

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