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Sweden is willing to collaborate with the incoming administration on “rebuilding better.”

MANILA, Philippines — Following the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the Swedish Embassy in Manila is looking forward to developing tight ties with the future administration in order to “build back better.”

With the pandemic, Russia’s war against Ukraine, subsequent socio-economic hardship, and the climate crisis, Swedish Ambassador to Manila Annika Thunborg said, “it is of great importance that we build back better, greener, and more inclusively, not leaving anyone behind and building sustainably and resiliently for future generations.”

“I appreciate the outgoing administration’s good cooperation. And I welcome the new government, and I look forward to working with you, as well as the European Union, to further this agenda “she continued.

Meanwhile, Jaime Victor Ledda, Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, sees the two countries’ collaboration increasing, notably in innovation and sustainable business.

“Sweden, as a pioneer in the use of digitalization as part of society, has many things to offer the Philippines,” he added. “Sweden’s pioneering smart and green technologies have potentially significant gains for the Philippines.”

The bilateral relations between Sweden and the Philippines are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. Sweden’s embassy in Manila was just reopened in 2016 after being closed since 2008.

The Philippine Embassy’s recent re-establishment in Stockholm has also enabled for more examination of commercial and business potential between the two countries.

ABB, AstraZeneca, Atlas Copco, Ericsson, H&M, Retail Associates, Swedish Match, Tetra Pak, Transcom, Volvo Buses and Volvo Cars, and IKEA are among the Swedish corporations with a presence in the Philippines, according to Thunborg.

Thunborg emphasized Sweden’s support for the Philippines’ efforts to promote booster immunization “as a way to move ahead from the pandemic’s residual impacts” at the same reception.

“We started a Covid-19 booster immunization campaign because we were concerned to hear that despite easy availability to vaccines, only 13% of the Philippine population had received a booster dose,” she stated.

“Team Sweden and local government units, notably Pasay City, assisted in the organization of vaccination drives at numerous Swedish enterprises who already have corporate vaccination and booster programs in place for all of their personnel. No one is safe until everyone is safe, and any more lockdowns will be harmful to all of us “she continued.

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